Why People Fail at Exercise…

Do you enjoy the time you spend exercising?

Or are you one of those folks who dreads every minute of your workout? Hoping for the timer on the treadmill to magically skip foreword?

Well it doesn’t have to be that way!

As mentioned on our first podcast, Joe and I believe that training should be fun. If you enjoy what you are doing, you’ll bring more passion to your workouts therefore experience better results.

Plus…Life is too short already.  Why not enjoy the time spent exercising?

Personally, I train because I enjoy it

If I truly dislike an exercise or routine, I won’t do it. Why bother?  We are no longer competitive athletes. We don’t train for specific event.. therefore there is absolutely no reason for us to do something that we dread. There is almost always a plethora of other options that are going to be more enjoyable and fun!

So do what you want to do!  Train in a way that you enjoy!

The 20 -45min or so that we spend alone or together training is a nice escape for us.  We thoroughly enjoy ourselves during this time. We work very hard but we enjoy every minute of it.

Fun could often be switching things around and reaching for new heights. You should regularly shift gears towards new goals. Doing so helps keep your exercise fresh and challenging.

No more dull and boring workouts!

Considering that Joe and I are only in our early 30ties, we are hoping to have at least another 50+ years of exercise in us. I can’t imagine doing the same thing day after day for the next 50 years. I’m ‘pretty sure you couldn’t either.  Right?

Variety for us isn’t just about avoidance of plateaus, but perhaps more importantly avoidance of boredom.

Now, it doesn’t always have to be a drastic overhaul of your routine. Sometimes changing the order of your exercises or introducing a new variation …are you always doing stationary lunges? Well it’s time to swap them for walking or jumping lunges… Are you bored to tears of running on the treadmill? Why not put your IPod on and head out outside.

You got the point… right?

Change is good.

So make sure your workouts are fun for you, and if you start to become bored, it is time for a change.

The workouts that Joe and I do this month will surely be different from the workouts we did last year, and the year before that, and so on.

We always mix things up in the interest of fun.

Perhaps we are working on a new challenge. Or maybe we are experimenting with a new piece of equipment.  No matter what we will never work with a protocol that we dread.

Why bother?   There are so many ways to become healthy and fit.  Why not work with a system or program that you actually enjoy?

Sometimes people follow a program because somebody convinced them it’s the only way to get results.


Too many people in this world want you to believe that their way is the only way.  Don’t buy into the nonsense.

It simply isn’t true.

Almost anything that you do will work if you are passionate, diligent, and consistent with the work.  Often times, it isn’t the individual workout that is most important, but how you attack the workout.  How much passion and intensity do you apply to the work.

Some may call me crazy, but exercise is FUN.  I’d much rather do a kettlebell workout than siton the couch and watch TV.  Even the juiciest reality TV show cannot replicate the adrenaline rush that I experience while training.

In my opinion, more personal trainers and fitness gurus should encourage others to do what they enjoy.  The “my way or the highway” mentality is about as useful as a knife in a gunfight.

I hear from so many people who are miserable while training.  They dread their time in the gym.  This is a HUGE mistake.  Why force yourself to do something that you dread?  Who told you that exercise had to be boring and miserable?

You don’t need to satisfy anyone but yourself, so do what you want to do.

Seriously ……………….go …….now and try something new!

And when you are all done, tell us about it in our blog.

We want to know what gets your adrenalin going and your heart pumping . And of course have FUN!!!


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