How To Maintain A Healthy Weight – Habits

This post is part 2 in a series we are doing about stopping Yo-Yo dieting and sharing strategies to maintain a healthy weight. Last night we recorded the second part of the podcast, but when I awoke this morning  I discovered that evil computer goblins infiltrated my hard drive and erased half of the recording. 🙁

We will re-record the episode but until then I figured I would outline some of the strategies that we discussed.

Having success in maintaining your weight is about first adjusting your mindset and secondly adopting a set of habits that support your goal. People who maintain a healthy weight do so because of the day to day habits and behaviors that they have put in place.

Of course that are always those “lucky” people who can eat whatever they want and still look great …but just because they look great on the outside, it doesn’t mean that they are healthy. If they eat junk food all the time, even though their body may not show it – they are still missing out on the vital nutrients that will sustain maximum health.

What it really boils down to  is creating sustainable habits that support your goals and create maximum health. And to be honest, I believe that it’s much easier to do this on a plant based diet.

I was at one point 35 pounds heavier than I should be. Maybe doesn’t sound like much, but I’m practically a Pygmy so that 35 translates to an awful lot of weight on my tiny frame. I got there because of a series of  bad habits.

Habits like …eating too much, eating in front of the television, emotional eating, eating out way too much, storing crappy food in the house, and lots of other really poor choices.

First …I had to get my mindset clear as to why I had adopted these unhealthy habit. I used excuses like stress, not enough time, I don’t like healthy food as justifications to eating a poor diet.

I then set up a plan to adopt a new set of habits and beliefs that lead me day by day to reaching my goal, which at that point was to have 5% bodyfat.

I have to be totally honest, I didn’t do it alone. I had some great coaching from some very smart and high level people. I then took the advice they gave me – and adopted it to meet my needs (being a plant based eater) and applied it every day.

Here are a few of the habits that I adopted that really helped me – we go did go into this in much more detail in the podcast …damn computer goblins! ..and will again when we re-record it.

Habit 1 – Only store healthy food that serves the purpose of reaching your goals in your home.

Habit 2 – Have a plan, this way you will be less likely to eat food that doesn’t serve you.

Habit 3 – One meal per week, eat whatever you want (just keep your portions in control)

Habit 4 – Be consistent with your workouts. A minimum of 3 workouts per week – We prefer 4 or 5.

Habit 5 – Earn your food. Judge how much you’re eating based on your activity levels.

I think if you look at it, the people you know in your life that are maintaining a healthy weight are following all or at least most of these habits. I truly believe in modelling the mindset and behaviors of those who are successful and are achieving the results you want for yourself.

Take a look at how you can apply these habits in your daily life – and work on them one by one. In the next few days we will have the podcast online to go along with this – and help you through these habits even further.

Here’s the first podcast about developing mindset. These adjustments have helped me …and I think they will help you too.

Any questions, leave them below in the comments …and we’ll be sure to help you along.

Talk soon,


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  • Thank you for commenting on my blog and I’m happy to have found yours.

    I follow all of the above 5 Habits above and agree that once your lifestyle is changed, you won’t feel good with out a healthy diet and exercise.

  • While I do agree with almost all of the five habits you listed, I think some amendments should be made and some things considered.
    The fifth point could be misconstrued; eating to supply your body with essential nutrients is not something that should be earned.
    You must eat; its a fact.
    Exercise or no, everyone should eat.
    “Earning food” makes it sound like the average person does not deserve to eat. Obviously this is an unhealthy way to look at food, but I think I understand where you’re going with it. Is the concept you’re looking for “eat the foods your body deserves?” So, eat fruits, vegetables, legumes, etc?
    Earning food is one thing; giving yourself a chance at optimal physical health through “good” (whole and sustainable) foods is what you deserve.
    Another aspect to consider is mental health; you feel better after exercise, and you’re more alert after a healthy, well-portioned meal.
    Thinking of fitness lifestyle as a “full body experience” is (to me at least) the best way to live. I work out and eat well to keep my body healthy, but my mind needs fuel too. Exercise is an important aspect of mental health, and I wish you had mentioned that in the above post. Mind-body exercises are especially adept at fusing together the work that you should do to feel wholly well.
    Besides those things, I think that these 5 habits are perfectly true. The little things are what makes us healthy.

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