5 Yoga Poses For A Happy Back

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In todays fast paced world, we’re all guilty of putting too much pressure on our bodies. Whether you’re challenging yourself with tough workouts at the gym or simply sitting at a desk all day long, your body has a certain way of telling you – you’re overdoing it! – and it isn’t pretty. It’s very common that many of us deal with chronic pain in the lower back, and if you’re one of them, you know how frustrating it can be. 

Today we have for you a simple (and totally effective) fix: a 15 minute yoga sequence.

The lower back isn’t an area you can quickly stretch or strengthen like your triceps. Instead, it needs patience, time, and traction in order to gently unwind, Nikki and I know this ourselves (yep, even we deal with occasional back pain!).

In this beginner-friendly sequence, you won’r do any crazy balancing on your head poses. Instead you will go through gentle forward folds and easy twists that focus on lengthening and releasing your lower back. A form of self-myofascial release (SMR), these moves will leave your back feeling much more relaxed and less tense by the end of the sequence. 

Forward Bend With Knees Bent


1) Bring feet about hip width apart. Hinge forward and release head toward the floor.


2) Bend knees and then rest chest on thighs.






Childs Pose

1) Begin on your hands and knees with hands directly under shoulders and knees directly under hips.

2) Start with your spine in a “neutral” or long position, then slowly tuck your tailbone and lower the crown of your head so your back gently rounds.

3) Draw your navel up to your spine and breathe gently as you hold the stretch.

4) Hold for 30 seconds.




1) Lie on stomach with legs straight back. Bring hands at shoulders, and then press into hands to lift the chest.

2) Keeping the elbows bent, hold for 30 seconds.








IMG_45411) Get on hands and knees with hands lined up beneath shoulders andknees in line with hips.

2) Take a deep breath in, and inhale to bend your spine so abs are drawn toward the floor, head tilted up.

3) On an exhale, arch back upward, curling chin toward chest, tuckingtailbone under.

4) Repeat this 5 times.


Reclined Spinal Twist

1) Start by laying down and spreading your arms into a T.

2) Now drape your right leg over your left and look towards the right. You want to make sure your hips are twisting. If both shoulder blades are not on the ground, you’re moving your leg a little too far for your body.

3) Hold for 30 seconds.

4) Repeat on other side.




To download a copy of all the poses above click here.

I hope your back is smiling 🙂 

Dedicated to your health and wellbeing,

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