Our Favourite Buddha Bowls Around The Web

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It may seem like we are talking about Buddha Bowls a lot lately, and well we kinda are. That’s because they are the perfect meal for plant based eaters! 

Seriously though, they have greens, protein, healthy carbs and fat – a complete macro meal. These are especially great for anyone just starting to eat plant based, it will assure you that you are getting all the nutrients you need. Don’t fall into the trap and become a “Carbotarian” ðŸ™…

We searched the web and found our top 12 Buddha Bowls to share with you. These first 3 are our top picks as they are unique and a little more creative. Which, believe us when these become your go-to meals – it’s nice to spice things up and have some variety. Get creative, and share them with us by tagging us on INSTAGRAM with #mybuddhabowl. 

Since we have been making these before they even got the trendy name “buddha bowl” we want to help you learn how to make your own buddha bowl. We created this printable PDF that you can use as a guide:


Cuban Quinoa Bowl with Spicy Lemon Cashew Dressing

By: Heather Christo

This bowl is fantastic, the perfect definition of a Buddha Bowl. You get it all… protein, healthy carbs + fat and greens! We love the combo of guacamole and lemon cashew dressing – Perfecto!


Vegan Macro Bowl

By: Kathy Patalsky @ Healthy Happy Life

Remember how we mentioned that it’s nice to mix things up? This one does just that – the addition of sauerkraut not only gives it a different flavour, it can also help you digest the meal. Also, look at all the protein – a perfect post-workout meal. 


Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl

By: Minimalist Baker

Spice things up! This bowl is packed with flavour and nutrients, plus the touch of turmeric is great to help fight inflammation. Not to mention, chickpeas are wholesome and great to prepare ahead of time. And well… just look at it – need we say more?


9 More Amazing Buddha Bowl Recipes:

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