Review of One Green Planet’s Food Monster app!

Unleash your green monster! 

I remember discovering One Green Planet a while ago and using it as a regular site of inspiration. There are so many delicious and plant based recipes on there! Long and behold OGP has been so awesome to us with sharing our recipes . 

The least we can do is help spread the word of their awesome new and user friendly APP that they will be launching world-wide on “Earth Day” (April 22, 2016)  YAH! OGP!!!  

And here is the best part… we are giving you a link for exclusive early access to this amazing APP!


This app is a must have for all of you plant based eaters – great for when you are needing some inspiration or for any last minute dinner ideas, maybe even when you are in the grocery store. They also break down all the categories quite specific, so it is even great if you are at home and only have a few ingredients on hand – you can narrow your search down and find something yummy to whip up.  

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They really got creative with the categories, with everything from ayurveda, european, you name it. Not to mention if you have a certain type of bean or legume on hand – you can even narrow it down by that!

explore- beans











I was lucky enough to test the beta app, and I have to saynobakeblueberry2 after exploring all of the different categories, tags, etc. you can get so inspired and well lost in this app! LOL its like when you are on youtube and spiral down that rabbit hole of clicking and discovering new things! I am sure you know what I mean. And OGP’s Food Monster App makes it easy to do this – for instance when you check out a recipe there are different tabs for the ingredients, instructions and similar collections or recipes. They also include tags for each recipe so another easy way to fall into that “clicking” spiral! Another great feature though, before you get too carried away – you can bookmark recipes to try later πŸ™‚ 



Here’s a sneak peak at what the app is like first hand:

I recommend even not plant based eaters get this app – to feel inspired and see that what we do eat is not bland and boring πŸ˜› 

As promised… Here is your DOWNLOAD LINK for exclusive early access to this awesome foodie app!

Dedicated to your health and wellbeing, 
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