Winter Juice For Digestion and Healthy Gut

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As soon as the temperature outside drops naturally we begin to crave more warming and comforting foods. But just because we might be approaching the winter months doesn’t mean we should disregard juicing! On the contrary, drinking a large glass of cold-pressed juice daily is an amazing healthy habit we should maintain all year round.…

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Ayurvedic Kitchari

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Today we are going to make a traditional kitchari, and offer you vegan and grain-free variations. We love classic Indian vegetarian food, especially when it’s home-made and prepared with love. It would be challenging to pick one dish that is our all-time favourite, however, there is something special about this traditional Ayurvedic Kitchari that keeps us revisiting this…

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Winter Red Salad with Curried Nut & Seed Mix

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A couple of weeks ago when Nik and I planned our winter recipe lineup for this blog, we thought it was time to share a savoury salad recipe with you. We love salads and enjoy making them pretty much daily but I never really think of sharing them on Active Vegetarian because they are so…

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Holiday Pumpkin Mylk

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Hello Friends! Today we are making a delicious raw, vegan pumpkin mylk.  It’s that time of the year here in Canada where you just want to sit by a fire, wrapped in a blanket and drink something that tastes like the holidays. Sure you can easily order the popular pumpkin spice latte from your local coffee…

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Easy Thai Red Curry Paste

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This is a recipe for a vegan homemade curry paste that uses 100% natural ingredients,  takes only 15 minutes to make and tastes very authentic to the red curry dishes we so enjoyed during our travels in Thailand. **This was before phones had good quality cameras 😛 ** Why exactly would you want to make your…

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5 Minute Challenge – Effective Low Impact Workout

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This Low-Impact  No Equipment Workout Will Make You Sweat!  “Low impact” does not mean low intensity and we will prove it to you with this 5-minute workout challenge that will target your glutes and core as well test your strength, muscle endurance, balance, and coordination. This quick workout can be used by all different fitness levels…

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Yoga For Digestion – relieve gas and bloating

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One of the most common comments we get from clients and AV members who are beginning to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet is that they are gassy and bloated! This is nothing unusual especially if you have decided to dive headfirst into a whole food plant-based diet from a diet high in fatty……

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Daily Flow #5 – Combat Sitting

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Here’s the reality: Sitting all day can have detrimental effects if you don’t take care of yourself and combat those negative effects. But if you take care of yourself, sitting is not a death sentence. For the body to remain mobile, agile, resilient and to function optimally, it must be taken through all planes of movement……

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Goji Berry + Ginger Smoothie

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For the first meal of the day, it’s important to supply your body with nourishing foods. We love to use breakfast as a way to pack in tons of superfoods to kick start our day. Some of our favorite breakfast pantry essentials are goji berries and fresh ginger.  Ginger has a reputation as a remedy…

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Strength Workout #9 – Toned Arms & Lean Abs

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In today’s Strength Workout we will focus mainly on the muscles of ABS and ARMS and include a new piece of equipment – the water bottle. I truly enjoyed creating and filming this 33-minute routine for you. Now join me as we explore new movements and exercises that will challenge you in a fun and innovative way. As always……

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