Daily Flow #5 – Combat Sitting

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Here’s the reality: Sitting all day can have detrimental effects if you don’t take care of yourself and combat those negative effects. But if you take care of yourself, sitting is not a death sentence. For the body to remain mobile, agile, resilient and to function optimally, it must be taken through all planes of movement……

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Goji Berry + Ginger Smoothie

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For the first meal of the day, it’s important to supply your body with nourishing foods. We love to use breakfast as a way to pack in tons of superfoods to kick start our day. Some of our favorite breakfast pantry essentials are goji berries and fresh ginger.  Ginger has a reputation as a remedy…

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Strength Workout #9 – Toned Arms & Lean Abs

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In today’s Strength Workout we will focus mainly on the muscles of ABS and ARMS and include a new piece of equipment – the water bottle. I truly enjoyed creating and filming this 33-minute routine for you. Now join me as we explore new movements and exercises that will challenge you in a fun and innovative way. As always……

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Morning Routine for an Amazing Start to Your Day

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Routine! What a scary word for so many. Personally, I always thought of myself as more of a fly- by -the- seat -of -my -pants kind of girl, so having a morning routine was not something I was eager to introduce to my life. But reading books and studying those who are successful, healthy and living a…

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Daily Flow #4 -Your Best Self

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Welcome to the Daily Flow #4. This 30-minute practice will challenge you to step out of your “fitness comfort zone” and bring out your best self. And now what exactly do I mean by this? Well first, this is a gentle yet powerful flow practice that covers all the bases, so in 30 minutes, you will not only have moved……

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AV 072- How To Stop Overeating and Binge Eating and Stick to the Food Plan of Your Choice with Glenn Livingston Ph.D.

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Glenn Livingston from NeverBingeAgain.com is on the show today, and he will share with us secrets for gaining the power to permanently overcome unhealthy food behaviours. Both his professional and personal journey is quite interesting and also inspiring. As a trained psychologist Dr Livingston was disillusioned by the way traditional psychology deals with overweight and/or food obsessed individuals.…

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You are what you eat, so why pollute your body with artificial ingredients and nutrient-depleted foods? Let’s face it, it could be challenging to find a healthy on the go snack that is made purely from natural ingredients and will nourish you (and your family). Most of the snacks available in the stores are filled with…

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Cellulite Removing & Fat Burning Juice

The Truth About Cellulite  Cellulite is basically a combination of excess fat and body toxins lying beneath the surface of the skin. It’s important to understand that cellulite is always a manifestation of the wrong kind of lifestyle for health and beauty: eating wrongly (or too much), living under prolonged stress, hormonal imbalances, being exposed…

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Mango Lime Vegan Cabbage Tacos

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There are so many things to love about summertime… One is the abundance of fresh local produce! Every time Nik and I visit the neighborhood farmer’s market it feels like a trip to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – so many vibrant, in-season fruits and vegetables calling our name! Last week we picked up a cute little purple…

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Strawberry Maca Shake

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We made this vegan”mylkshake” a couple of weeks ago and absolutely LOVED IT! It’s loaded with Vitamin C, which helps to tone the skin and has an anti-ageing effect. On top of that, the flavor is amazingly rich, it’s smooth and sweet, making it an absolute treat that comes along with a whole lot of nutrition. It…

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites – raw, vegan

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Warning: These homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites are a little addicting. They taste like the real deal cookie dough, but they’re nutritionally dense and good for you! Read on to find out how you can make your own batch in just 10 minutes. Like most of our other Snack Bites/Balls, these freeze beautifully, so it’s…

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Basic Green Salad

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Q: You recommend Basic Green Salad as a part of your weekly meal plans. What exactly is this salad?   Basic Green Salad aka BGS is a great start to an amazing meal. The ingredients of this salad can vary throughout the year, depending on whats in season. The BGS makes a great addition to your…

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