23 Plant Based Meals in 15 Minutes or Less

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Short on time, yet still want to serve your family a healthy plant based meal? 

This recipe roundup is for you!

No excesses to reach for that frozen pizza or another heavily processed “easy” dinner that is full of preservatives! Those chemicals that hide in pre-packaged foods, have zero nutrients, provide absolutely no benefits to the body and over time will only put your health at risk. 

Even with 15 min minutes, you have enough time to make a healthy dinner recipe that’s tasty, too.

This collection of wonderful recipes would not be possible without the support of many kind bloggers who were willing to share their passion for healthy plant based lifestyle.Nikki and myself want to “thank you” for all your love and support. We feel very blessed to be part of this growing community and are dedicated to spread the message of health and well-being. 

Keep It Light

Zippy Garlic-Basil Marinara with Zucchini Noodles


 Easy Cheesy Chick-Pea Kale

cheesy-kale-e1410125275529  Vegan Cobb Salad with Coconut Bacon

Detox Salad-Simple & Delicious
DetoxSaladActiveVegetarian2 Black Bean Salad with Mango,Cilantro and Lime

saladBaby Spinach Salad with Sweet Tahini Dressing


Arugula, Avocado, Tomato and Pine Nut Salad

arugula-tomato-pine-nut-salad-7Serenity Mint Pea Soup


Orange Carrot Miso Ginger Sunshine Sauce with Steamed Edamame and Veg


 Super Easy Veggie Sushi 


Oh sandwich!

Quick and easy 7-layer vegan sandwich

IMG_1602 copy Tahini toast with simple carrot salad


Philly Portobello Steak Sandwich


 5 minute Tofu “egg” Salad Sandwich


Asian Inspired 

Green bean stir fry

DSC_0027-1-wtm Chow Mein Noodles

IMG_3556 (1)

 Vegan Sukiyaki, A Japanese Hot Pot


 Ginger Stir Steamed Veggies with Coconut Sauce


The Classic 

Black Bean Salsa Burger & Crispy Potato Rounds

Black-Bean-Salsa-Burger Four Bean, Quinoa and Veggie Tacos

four-bean-quinoa-veggie-tacos-2 Vegan Tofu Pizza Sticks

2132037_origEasy Tofu Scramble  Tofu-Scramble1

Perfect Ending…

 The Death By Chocolate Pudding 

Death By Chocolate Vegan Pudding

 Don’t forget to join our community for more healthy recipes . Do you have suggestion for a quick healthy plant based meal?  Share it with us  in the comments below!

Dedicated to your health

Zuzana & Nikki


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  1. Thanks you for the post

    I’m on week one of Whole Foods Plant based. It was not a hard choice to make as I didn’t eat meat only seafood but, I work from 8-5 and this recipes are going to change my month from to .

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